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IRLP and EchoLink add to the Ham Radio hobby.  We have added this feature to our system for your enjoyment.

  • IRLP Guide First, please get used to how IRLP is to operate. Remember, the system needs long delays between users (key 2 seconds before talking and wait for the beep.)
  • Curtis, KI7ESW, is hosting the IRLP system and having fun with the Linux software used to send voices from the repeater through the internet. Currently the 145.29 repeater is being used although on occasions we will use it on any of the WA7ABU repeaters. If you run into Curtis on the repeater, let him know you appreciate his work.
  • The IRLP or EchoLink system is capable of connecting you to points all around the world. The way to determine where you connect is by a DTMF command from your radio, so you will need access to the DTMF commands.
  • To make a contact, first listen to the repeater for a few minutes, then after looking up the node number at the IRLP site or learning what node you wish to contact, hold down your PTT key and put in the numbers in quick succession, like on a phone.
  • After finishing up and leaving your proper call ID, (your callsign), then send the command "73". You should then hear an announcement that the node is disconnecting and you are done or can connect to another node or reflector.
  • OHHHHH REFLECTORS ! Yes, Ham Radio has chat rooms. You can connect to a reflector and join in group conversations. Reflectors can be up as long as there is some activity, but disconnect if not used for 20 minutes. Then you may reconnect if needed. Hang around long enough to disconnect or turn the repeater over to another local ham.
  • EchoLink: We have also connected EchoLink in addition to IRLP. To see the page for EchoLink click on this link. Our Echolink node is #592473. Since we beleive in connecting radios, our links mostly work to real Radios / Repeaters and Nodes.
  • Have fun with the system.
  • Our Echo/IRLP DTMF Commands

    These are a few of the commands you are free to use on the 145.29 / 444.950 EchoIRLP system:
    DTMF Entry Resulting Action Shortcut Keys Node Connected
    xxxx Connects IRLP node xxxx
    73 Disconnects VOIP A00 NLA
    *01 Determine Status (Should be "link clear") A01 NLA
    *02 Our node ID A02 NLA
    *10 Last Call node received and when A03 NLA
    *11 Last node called and when A04 NLA
    *12 Last call waiting and when A05 NLA
    *13 All last connections A06 NLA
    *20 Connect back to last node received A07 NLA
    *21 Connect to last node called out A08 NLA
    *22 Connect to last call waiting A09 NLA
    *23 A10 NLA
    *24 Connect to random node A11 NLA
    Weather Report Commands A12 NLA
    *31 Weather Report A13 NLA
    *33 Weather Forecast A14 NLA
    *34 Local Weather Report A15 NLA
    EchoLink Commands
    *0 xxx xxx where x=echolink node # -   -  
    More codes to come-please don't use codes from other systems! All codes are only ours and these codes will change as the site grows, so check this current list before use.

    This page is kept current by WA7ABU