Salem Area Digital Modes VHF Net

WA7ABU has been operating a Digital Modes net on the 145.290 and 52.99 repeaters for over nine years now (2004).

 The net is usually hosted by Dan, WA7ABU or one of the digital enthusiasts.

Please join us Wednesday nights between 0830 PM and 0930 PM Local time.

Modes used on the net so far have been MT63, PSK31, SSTV and RTTY and some other newer modes, such as WinDRM and DRM (EasyPal) with MMSSTV dominating the net.

I'm also glad to help with software or hardware issues for net members. Email me at [wa7abu(at)]


EasyPal VK3EVL is making this program available on the listed site.  You can find his software for free at this location:
This is a developing program for a DRM version of SSTV and can be used for text and sending forms, such as the ARES IC-213.  This is a program being tested on our nets with the WA7ABU digital group.

This is a typical shot of the screen on EasyPal.

MM software is from a well known Japinese author, JE3HHT, Makoto (Mako) Mori.  You can find his software for free at this location:
He includes programs for RTTY, (MMTTY), PSK, and SSTV, (MMSSTV).  His Slow Scan program is tops in our view, used almost entirely by the WA7ABU digital group. Select the MMSTV sidebar. I suggest careful reading to avoid other downloads of no use to us.

This is a typical shot of the screen on MMSSTV

 PSK31 / PSK63 [DigiPan]

This is a typical shot of the screen on digipan


 BPSK31, QPSK31, PSK63, PSKFEC31, PSKAM, PSKAM10, CW, CCW RTTY, SITOR-AMTOR-NAVTEX, FELD HELL, PSK HELL, HF FAX, FILTERS   or if that does not work, look at the newer page to find Multipsk:  version 4.5 appears to be a late version.

This is a typical shot of the screen on Multi-PSK

 PSK31 (BPSK and QPSK) RTTY ASCII (both 7 bit and 8 bit protocols using MMTTY) MFSK16 PACKET CW

 [HamScope] is still cool after all these years.

  IZ8BLY software is at:  ( Hellschreiber [IZ8BLY Hell],  MT63 [IZ8BLY MT63 Terminal], MFSK16 [IZ8BLY Stream] )

Shareware $50:

MixW, a do everything program:
Go to:
 CW, BPSK31, QPSK31, FSK31, RTTY, Packet (HF/VHF), Pactor (RX only), AMTOR (FEC), MFSK, Hellschreiber, Throb, Fax (RX only), SSTV, MT63. [MixW2.09] .  Go to the site and select the latest shareware version which contains even more.  The features are really great and this may be worth the required fee to use.

Here is a little program that will allow you to save your Sound Card Settings. QuickMix
You might want to verify the settings (both on HF and VHF) and then save a profile using the name of the soundcard program. Then all you have to do is place then profiles in a folder on your desktop and double click on the proper one before you open the said program. 

WINLINK2000 the email for Hams-works like Outlook, but runs into a system for emergency applications winlink-2000 home page. the program page to download airmail2000. This program runs similar to Outlook.


You might like to print this more complete page of freqauencies for Digital Communications Digital_Mode_Band_Plan.pdf

The following frequencies were gathered from on-the-air contacts and on

Please consider this a rough guide as they may have changed. Notify me as you find any new frequencies used on HF.
    160 Meters
     1.838,150               PSK31
     1.890,000               SSTV

    80 Meters
     3.580.150 - 3.620.000               PSK31
     3.620 to 3.635        Packet
     3.845,000               SSTV

     40 Meters
     7.035.150               PSK31
     7.080               RTTY, MFSK16 and Hellschreiber
     7.171.000               SSTV

     30 Meters
     10.130.000               PSK31
     10.130 to 10.140      RTTY
     10.137               Hellschreiber
     10.140 to 10.150      Packet

    20 Meters
     14.070.150              PSK31
     14.080 to 14.070.000 - 14.095.000       RTTY
     14.100.5 to 14.112     Packet
     14.230.000 and 14.233.000               SSTV
     14.233               SSTV

     17 Meters
     18.100.000 - 18.105.000      RTTY
     18.103                Hellschreiber
     18.105 to 18.110       Packet

     15 Meters
     21.070.000 - 21.100.000       RTTY
     21.080.150               PSK31
     21.100 to 21.110       Packet
     21.340.000                SSTV

     12 Meters
     24.920.000 - 24.925.000       RTTY
     24.925 to 24.930       Packet

    10 Meters
     28.070.000 - 28.150.000       RTTY
     28.120.150                  PSK31
     28.690                  SSTV (some SSTV repeaters on this Freq.)
     28.700                  SSTV

    6 Meters
     50.680                 SSTV

     2 Meters
     145.500                SSTV  (National SSTV Simplex FM Frequency)
     145.550                PSK31, Hellschreiber
     145.600                Limited SSTV
     145.650                Limited Digital applications

Updated November, 2013 by Dan, WA7ABU.