WA7ABU Repeater activities, codes and nets are available at this Group, the "groups.io" WA7ABU Group. Please join (free).
The link is: groups.io, select WA7ABU group.

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  • You will have access to files and codes listed on the site for use of the repeater.

  •   The WA7ABU repeater will be dedicated to Emergency Services, public service, education, Ham Radio Comunications, and Ham Radio experimentation.  Although it includes surplus electronics equipment, it is mostly assembled from high quality commercial radio gear, with a high quality Ham Radio Controller.  The operators of the WA7ABU repeater intend to furnish good quality communications to the local hams and the community they serve.

      Control operators are needed.  This is a chance to get experience in radio work.

      If you wish to support this repeater system, please join the support group.  A donation of $30.00 would be appreciated for supporting the repeater in it's day to day function.  A $20.00 donation would also be helpful.  Please remember what your last repeater accessory cost - that HT, and each of the items that went with it.   An HT is of little value without repeaters to make them work.  When some expense comes up on the equipment, it takes many donations to keep the costs under control.

      If you find that you have, as extra equipment at your shack, Rohn 25 tower sections or parts, ham radio gear of any kind, radios that are suitable for linking or antennas for 2 meters or 440 MHz., please consider a donation of such gear to the repeater.   Ham gear to sell at swap meets is a great help.

      If you have a printer, follow this link for a printable form: REPEATER FORM

      If you can't print the form, send your name, call, internet email address, home address, phone number, and notes on your primary interests with two meter ham radio to:

    WA7ABU Repeater
    P. O. Box 13256
    Salem, OR 97309

    Please include your donation.

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